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The POWER of PR with Danae Jones

First impressions are everything and when putting on an event, your company needs to showcase your brand.

A well planned, creative event can be a show stopper for even the smallest of businesses.  

Putting on an event need not cost the earth either, it’s all about establishing the purpose of the event in the first place and then working through the key elements from there.  Professional event managers and marketers know how to put on an event to WOW your audience to fit within your budget, so don’t hesitate in engaging a professional to assist you and your team make your event be remembered.

Events can be hosted for many reasons, including publicity & product launches, awards nights, a simply a thank you or networking function for customers and suppliers, or even a low key internal team bonding experience for your staff to help them reconnect and have some fun outside of work. 

Here are some items to consider when thinking of hosting an event:

Who will be your designated event manager – will you delegate an internal staff member or outsource it to a professional?

Establish your purpose for hosting the event – do you want to attract new customers from the event? Do you want to make your existing clients feel appreciated? Or are you wanting to host an event to attract media attention?

Create a good guest list – is the event being hosted for an external purpose (customers, potential new customers, suppliers or the general public/business community?)

Venue – the location is key, make sure you choose wisely.  We live in paradise, so let your imagination run wild

Event Date, Start Time & Finish Time – timing is crucial, make sure you choose the time to host your event wisely.  Will public or school holidays affect your attendance?  If so, steer clear of these times. Think about what other events are on in town? Try not to clash with other events to ensure maximum attendance numbers 

Invitations – will you be posting them, sending them via email or personally delivering them?  How will they look? – Remember first impressions are everything, so make your invitations “inviting”

Theme & Design – it doesn’t cost much to theme an event, so get creative and try and have some fun

Catering – if you don’t want to be considered a cheap scape, then don’t serve the absolute bare minimum just because you don’t want to spend much. People will notice. There are many low budget caterers in this region that do an amazing job.  Be kind to your guests when choosing your food and give them something you would like to be served if you were attending a similar event. 

Sponsorship – if your event is to thank customers or attract new ones, maybe your suppliers might be willing to chip in and help share the cost?  If you are  hosting the event to raise money for charity, maybe some businesses might be willing to sponsor their contribution (i.e catering, theming, AV).

Audio Visual – do you need to play videos or slideshows, do you need microphones, speakers? 

Lighting – the right kind of lighting can make all the difference.  Simple, creative and well placed lighting can actually make the most basic event appear stylish and rich with the flick of a switch 

Entertainment – will you have music, a comedy act? Speech after speech is boring so think of your guests when creating the run sheet

Merchandise – will you want your guests to take away something with your company brand on it to remember the event?  If so, what? The world is your oyster when it comes to promotional merchandise these days

Marketing & Public Relations – is your event worth covering in the news? Is it a public event and does it need promoting to achieve optimum attendance numbers?

Keynote speakers – who will speak at the event?  Do you need to engage a professional speaker?

Emcee – who will Emcee the event?  Will it be you, or do you need to engage a professional that can maintain the crowd’s attentions?

These are just some of the key items that need consideration when hosting an event. A well managed event should always be a memorable experience that will WOW your audience and leave them with a positive feeling about your brand.

Danae Jones is Principal of PR & Marketing firm Danae Jones Consulting

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