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The festive season is upon us and while many businesses are planning to close their doors for their annual set timeframe, many others remain open, as it is their strongest trading period of the entire calendar year.

If you’re a business that is looking forward to the annual shut down, that doesn’t mean your Public Relations needs to wind down as well.

The Christmas and New Year period is actually a great time to secure positive, feel good publicity for your business as newsrooms don’t go to sleep over the festive season, they continue to deliver the news each and every day – and they are looking for feel good stories more so than any other time of year.

This is a great opportunity to promote your Christmas charity work, something unique you might be treating your staff with as a Christmas gift, or even inviting media along to your end of year events to capture some social pics of your business.

Here are some of my top tips to help you with your Festive PR:

Number #1 – Don’t put your publicity on hold This is a time of year that you can be fun, creative and innovative with your media opportunities. The media love a story to get their audience laughing, or a good Samaritan piece that tugs at the heart strings. There are less people available to interview at this time of year so journalists struggle to fill their papers and news bulletins and are looking for visually appealing and feel good stories to fill the gaps. Think about how you could pitch a story to your local media outlets to not only attract positive PR for your business, but help the newsroom gain a great story to add to their days line up.

Number #2 – Networking Everyone is hosting a party in the lead up to Christmas, so take advantage of the time to network and enjoy meeting new people and socialising with your customers, suppliers and staff. Get amongst it and spread some festive cheer and make some new connections!

Number #3 – Social Media: The 24/7 hungry beast that must be fed over the festive season

Don’t stop your social media posting just because the doors are closed at your business premises. The online medium is a living, breathing 24/7 medium. This hungry beast needs feeding just as much as you over the festive period!. Wishing your online community Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Australia Day are just some of the key posts you need to have ready to go as people will be expecting to hear from you. This can all be pre-planned and scheduled in advance before your closure date.

Number #4 – Speak to your audience when they are relaxed and in a good head space to receive new information

Over the festive season many of your consumers will be on holidays and may have more time to read the newspaper, watch TV, listen to the radio or go online. It is a great time to grab their attention while they are in a relaxed head space. By securing media coverage in the right media outlets over this period, you could be capturing your target audience's undivided attention.

It is also important to remember that at this time of year many people are making life changing decisions as they discuss their futures with friends and family and reflect on the year that was. So it is important to be ‘present’ in their lives at this time and be speaking to them when they are willing to receive your information.

I know it’s very tempting to put a stop to all Marketing & PR activities over the holiday period, but it can be one of the most valuable times to spruik your message to your audience.

Consider your Festive PR messages and how they can positively impact your business for the year ahead.

Thanks for joining me and enjoy the Festive Season everyone!

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