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Updated: Oct 19, 2021


We are excited to announce that we’ve moved the Danae Jones Consulting Headquarters into the Art Work Spaces building at 36 Abbott Street, Cairns CBD! It’s uber modern chic with a high tech sustainable edge and we absolutely LOVE our new space. You should see the bar! (main reason we moved in, let’s be honest!)… oh and the bottomless coffee and free lunches the landlord puts on for everyone is also a bit of a bonus too!

AND probably the biggest news we’ve failed to share with you until this moment is that we now have feet on the ground in Cairns, Townsville, Gold Coast and Sydney. Well “now” is kind of the operative word… as truth is we’ve had boots on the ground for the past 2 years in all these locations – LOL! …

I know we’re a bit delayed with that piece of the announcement!… But in the middle of speeding up to keep our clients well serviced and ahead of the COVID curve my team and I haven’t stopped since this whole pandemic hit in early 2020 and our client stakeholder updates have been far more important than our own. Our priorities are and always will be clients first. So apologies for not sharing our news sooner. 

I am so proud of my team who have joined me in working themselves to the bone over the past 10 years to get to where we are today. Most of our clients have achieved record revenue targets the past 18 months and it gives me a great sense of pride to know we’ve been a part of their success. So here we are, the growing in size DJC Team! A team of incredibly talented experts in their fields. I am so grateful to have them walking beside me in this thing called work life… and we are all still teaching each other how to balance.

Yeah I know, we’re not the usual beat ya chest kinda people. We prefer to work our butts off and fly under the radar. That’s who we are. We get shit done and rave about it 2 years later! LOL

We don’t subscribe to shiny shopfronts and big expensive overheads. Been there, done that! We subscribe to the new way of doing business – fast, nimble, cost efficient and results driven above all else. We are highly mobile and just as comfortable sitting in an airport lounge punching out a media release with only minutes to spare to meet a media deadline as we are negotiating hundred million dollar deals in cap city board rooms for our clients.

We have lived and worked through the media landscape of pre-social media and Google, the Millenial Bug, 9/11, the GFC and now a Global Pandemic. We have oodles of media experience in TV, Radio, Print and Digital (ummmm over 100 years between us… but don’t tell anyone!… age is just a number right?!)… and we have the battle scars of survival to prove it. We lead with heart and a passion for what we do and the clients we represent. As our clients expand throughout the country, so will we! We are a living, breathing example of our mission statement:

We will create, delight, inform, engage, involve, exceed expectations and grow with our clients.

That’s the DJC way!… If you’d like to join us on the journey no matter how small or large your business. We are here, armed and ready to serve you… and no global pandemic is gonna stand in our way!

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